James O’Keefe: WATCH: Harmeet Dhillon and I discuss Twitter Lawsuit on Hannity

I announced today that I will be suing Twitter for defamation after they banned me for “operating fake accounts.”

Esteemed lawyer Harmeet Dhillon and I joined Sean Hannity on Fox News tonight to discuss just how we will do it:

All Americans who are defamed every day, their lives destroyed because they do not have the means to fight back – not on our watch.

This team is fighting for them and the principles that define us.

The tyranny of Twitter who lied with malice about me and admitted misinformation from CNN after we exposed CNN’s political agenda and the propaganda they push instead of reporting the news.

Twitter can try to erase us but they cannot change what our journalist captured – watch the CNN recordings and make up your own mind.

They have betrayed every American and every journalist trying to do their best as we are robbed of a free press so vital to our republic.

No matter how powerful, no matter what they do or say, we know nothing can change the fundamentals.

There is only one truth, and millions on all sides see this for what it is – tyranny backed by extraordinary wealth and power.

We will prevail because good is stronger than evil and worth fighting for always.

Indeed, we cannot lose.

Thank you, Twitter, for giving us this opportunity for discovery into your operations, and to inspire hundreds, thousands, millions to follow….

Be Brave,

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