Local interview: Great Job! Vaccine Passport: Race Is On

By Richard Gagnier April 8, 2021

While listening to the world’s greatest podcast, Frank and Beanz’ Dark to Light, I heard Beanz wonder aloud while discussing the vaccine lunacy in New York State, specifically the vaccine passport, where her New Yorkers were in acting as resistance to Cuomo?

“I’m waiting for the first lawsuit in New York. Where are you guys, New Yorkers? With this vaccine passport? Where are you with this, with what Cuomo’s doing?”

Had I been able to answer her, considering I call the western part of New York State home, I would have instantly directed her to one name above all others as an anti-lockdown/anti-vax information clearinghouse on our edge of the state.

My introduction to Shannon Joy took place early in the Trump era, on days I drove to work at midday to work the evening shift, listening to WYSL 1040 AM on the way in. WYSL is the red-headed stepchild of our two local conservative talk stations, wherein 2016 to 2018 Joy seemed, relative to the day’s topics on WYSL’s other programs, often seemed to be locked onto her own tangents. She talked about the subtleties of local and state politics and was the type of conservative to hold Trump’s feet to the fire for what some saw as his ideological impurity. She offered in a recent interview I conducted with her that, “My criticism of President Trump was not necessarily personality-driven, more than it was the fact that he never claimed to be a conservative was not a conservative, and when he governed, did not govern in a conservative way.”

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