Ezra vs Corporate Tyranny

Ezra has helped shine the light through his actual news site and has help other news sites that are under attack. Read on…

Rebel News
Last night, at 5:30 p.m., I received an ominous email from YouTube.

Effective immediately, they cut off Rebel News. They completely cancelled all remaining ads on our channel, even from advertisers who specifically request our channel.

And worse, they banned any of our 1.45 million YouTube subscribers from voluntarily supporting us through what are called livestream “SuperChats”.

This is going to cost us about $400,000 a year.

I called our YouTube rep and asked her what we did wrong. What video did we publish that broke their rules?

She couldn’t point to one. But she suggested that our criticism of the pandemic lockdown policies is the problem.

Here, watch this video, where I take you through YouTube’s letter to me, and my response:

YouTube has finally come to kill Rebel News. (But I’ve got a plan to survive)

This is devastating to us. And I can’t help notice it’s just a week after we caught the Canadian Armed Forces hiring a U.S. military contractor spying on us, trying to smear us as some sort of foreign cyber-threat.

I don’t think YouTube is done with us yet. I fear their next step will be to completely cancel us — to suspend our entire YouTube account.

To delete us.

I think we’ve got a few choices.

  1. If we stop criticizing the lockdown, YouTube says we can reapply in 30 days and get our ads back. But we have to stop saying what we say.
  2. The second choice is to cut out $400,000 a year from our company’s budget. But we’ve just hired so many great new reporters and editors. Cutting that much out of our budget would mean cutting seven staff. I think that’s really what they want us to do.

Which would you do? Change our editorial viewpoint? Or cut $400,000 from our payroll?

I have a better idea: I’ll do neither!

We’re going to get through this. I’ve got a plan. Frankly, we’ve been expecting something like this, and we started putting things in place months ago.

And you can see our plan taking shape right now at our special website, AfterYouTube.com.

We’ve already set up Rebel News accounts on smaller rivals to YouTube — like the video websites Bitchute and Rumble, a Canadian-based company that has a free speech orientation. Starting today, we’re putting all of our videos up on those sites, and five other alternatives too.

And instead of us driving traffic to YouTube by linking to it from our Facebook and Twitter accounts, we’ll send our people to those new, upstart video platforms instead.

We’ll still keep using YouTube — we’re not going to abandon our 1.45 million subscribers there; they’re our friends. But we’re going to let them know, in every single video we upload to YouTube, that they need to go to AfterYouTube.com to tell us their name and email address, or else when YouTube finally pulls the plug on us, we just won’t be able to contact them anymore. That’s the main goal: when YouTube finally kills us, that our 1.45 million friends know where to find us, and we know where to find them!

That will help us rebuild in a new place.

But I have to ask — not for me, but for my team: please help me replace the $400,000 that YouTube just took from us. Please help me keep our editorial policy independent; please help me make payroll for all these new journalists. You can do that right there at AfterYouTube.com.

I’m sorry to ask for money, but YouTube knows our pressure points, don’t they? They know we don’t take money from Trudeau. They know we don’t take money from a big media corporation. So they know we really, really rely on that $400,000 a year from them.

Which is why they cut us off. With no warning or explanation.

Please don’t let YouTube win. Please let us continue our important work. Please help me replace the $400,000 that YouTube just took from us. Go to AfterYouTube.com to help.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. It was just three months ago that a banker suddenly called in a loan to Rebel News — and our viewers helped us pay off our loan. Now YouTube is putting the screws to us. And I have no doubt that the new censorship plan being cooked up by Justin Trudeau’s Heritage Minister (Steven Guilbeault) will specifically target us too.

That’s what happens when you speak truth to power, and do accountability journalism — people try to silence you. Please help us stay independent by going to AfterYouTube.com to keep us strong.

P.P.S. If you prefer to help us the old fashioned way, please send a cheque made payable to:

“Rebel News”
PO Box 61056, Eglinton/Dufferin RO
Toronto, ON, Canada
M6E 5B2

Thank you!

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