TheLid: The ICA On Foreign Threats To The 2020 Election: An Intel Assessment For The Record Books

by J.E. Dyer Mar 18, 2021

Any credibility the new Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) on foreign threats to the 2020 election might last only as long as it takes to remember what we already know. On some startlingly glaring points, the ICA omits the public information that would essentially delegitimize its claims.

Probably the most glaring omission is the point that President Joe Biden has, in fact, been placed under indictment in Ukraine. The ICA describes what it considers an info operations campaign by Russia, depicting Biden, son Hunter, and Hunter’s associates as indictable in Ukraine. But it doesn’t mention anywhere that this wasn’t just an info op. Joe Biden has actually been indicted.

In February 2020, a case was opened in Ukrainian court stating an unnamed American was a criminal suspect in an effort to fire former chief prosecutor Viktor Shokin. In May 2020, a Ukrainian judge ruled that the American’s name must be included in the filings on the case. The name is that of now-President Joe Biden. John Solomon, reporting at Just the News, stated that the Ukrainian prosecutor had not yet complied with the ruling. (The judge’s decision, citing Biden’s as the previously shielded name, was available and included in Solomon’s report.)

But in November 2020, a report from OAN indicated that the prosecutor had complied, and Joe Biden’s name had been included in the prosecution’s case documents.


Another point is the astonishing ICA statement that “We did not identify China attempting to … provide funding to any candidates or parties.” (Bold in original.)

This statement occurs on page [7] (all citations in brackets are for the pages as marked on the original document).

This utterly defies belief, given China’s uninterrupted history of making such attempts for at least the last quarter-century. If the ICA didn’t find any such thing going on, it would be because the community didn’t look very hard, if at all.

But there was a uniquely compelling reason to look hard in 2020. Besides the Chinese financial connections of Biden’s son Hunter, other recent revelations like Rep. Eric Swalwell’s relationship with a Chinese spy, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s long employment of an office assistant with ties to the Chinese Communist Party, should at a minimum have prompted a rigorous scrub of all intelligence on what Chinese actors were trying to do, whether related to the Bidens or not.

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