Impeach Andrew Cuomo


Now that Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins unequivocally called for Governor Cuomo to step down, the Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie holds all the cards. If Speaker Heastie merely allows an impeachment vote on the floor, we will get the 76 votes needed to impeach.

By not moving forward with impeachment, the Speaker is effectively keeping Cuomo in power despite the nursing home scandal and multiple sexual harassment allegations. If he does not do the right thing soon, he should lose the Speaker’s gavel.
Light up the Speaker’s switchboard and fill up his inbox RIGHT NOW.

Tell Speaker Heastie:
Stop protecting Cuomo. Launch an impeachment probe immediately. Bring Justice to Cuomo’s victims and their families.

For the following reasons a vote on an impeachment probe should be held in the Assembly immediately:

  • Cuomo issued a mandate forcing nursing homes in the state to admit COVID-19 positive patients during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. He barred nursing homes from testing for COVID-19. For months Cuomo lied to New Yorkers and claimed he was following federal guidelines.
  • Cuomo failed to disclose accurate data on nursing home deaths in a timely manner to the Legislature, watchdog groups, the US Department of Justice, and the public. This violated state transparency laws and may have negatively impacted the ability of the scientific community to understand the impact of the pandemic at a critical time.
  • Cuomo surreptitiously inserted into the 2020-2021 budget language that gave legal immunity to hospital executives and nursing homes at the request of lobbyists and donors to his campaign committee.
  • Cuomo threatened Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens) and demanded that he publicly corroborate all or part of the Governor’s claims about the US Department of Justice investigation into nursing home fatalities.
  • Cuomo profited off of COVID-19 by selling a book about his leadership during the pandemic. According to media reports, hundreds of copies of Cuomo’s book were purchased by a law firm that had a state contract related to the pandemic.
  • Cuomo allowed New York State taxpayers to be defrauded by recklessly sending millions of tax dollars to unverified vendors in China that failed to supply the items taxpayers paid for.
  • Cuomo faces a growing list of credible sexual harassment allegations by state employees and others including a staffer Cuomo knew was a victim of rape.
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  1. Forwarding this email and asking your friends to sign the petition.
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  3. Texting the petition link to your friends and ask them to sign it.
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