NYS: Update On Impeachment Efforts

Thanks for signing the petition to impeach Governor Cuomo. We have more than 33,000 signatures but that is not nearly enough to convince the Albany establishment of both parties to impeach this governor. We need exponentially more people to sign!
I am in the process of editing the resolution I drafted to begin an impeachment probe. I had to update it after revelations that Governor Cuomo has threatened at least one Assembly Member who won’t help with the cover-up.

Some are calling for “investigations” rather than an impeachment probe. Watch then share the video below about the Chair of the State Senate Investigations Committee, and you will see why “investigations” won’t cut it and that an impeachment probe in the Assembly is necessary.

New York needs your help. You can do your part by promoting the petition. Governor Cuomo is hoping this will all die down. Don’t let him off the hook. There is strength in numbers. Promote the petition now.

Semper Fidelis,


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Skoufis Gushes Over DeRosa, Zucker Right After Bombshell Obstruction Admission

Help us show that there is widespread popular support for the impeachment of Governor Cuomo by sharing this petition and encouraging others to do the same. You can help by:

  1. Forwarding this email and asking your friends to sign the petition.
  2. Posting the link on your social media and encouraging your followers to sign the petition.
  3. Texting the petition link to your friends and ask them to sign it.
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