Are today’s deranged Democrat leaders capable of putting people in concentration camps?

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Greg Halvorson

Jan 20

Yes, I understand that’s a loaded question, that some will dismiss it outright, but I also understand power’s ability to corrupt, which history – when it isn’t revised – makes clear. When one reads “concentration camp” one conjures Nazis, I know, but my point in going there, to Adolphland, is to remind readers that pre-Hitler Germany wasn’t fixated on “undesirables.” Rounding up “vermin,” confining “it” to ghettoes, and, in the fog of war, packing “it” onto trains, was in Germany, as it is today in America, UNTHINKABLE.

But it happened.

And that’s my point. Humans forget the nature of humans, and what’s taking place in America, this evil scourge, should quell any claim that history can’t repeat. Fallen men, be it the year 1941 or 2021, remain fallen, and fallen people, if given the chance, do fallen things.

Now, I’m not saying that Democrats are Nazis (for that to be true, they must back up their rhetoric) or that they WILL detain Americans (the headline reads “capable”— Are they capable of Naziism?) but I watch, hear their words, the demagoguery, and don’t know. Question: does this from The Holocaust Encyclopedia sound familiar?

In the first months of Hitler’s chancellorship, the Nazis instituted a policy of “coordination”—the alignment of individuals and institutions with Nazi goals. Within six months, the Nazis either banned or forced into “voluntary” dissolution all other political parties, including their coalition partner, the German Nationalists.

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  1. boudicaus says:

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    No doubt in my mind that the answer is YES. RINO’s are no better.


  2. STLloyd says:

    Yes. Without hesitation. Many of them have said as much.


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