So, What Is Coming? Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Dreams

Thanks for these videos. God bless you my friend.

The Mad Jewess

In 2009, I had a terrible dream:Sat. September 10th, 2011: Horrible Dream I Had. Bombs All Over America

In July 2020, this Pastor had a dream and saw the events coming our way. So far, his dream is accurate. Yes, I know the Bible warns us of things to come but this dream shows them how we will SEE it.

1. The dream accurately predicts the schools being closed

2. The fact that the virus made people sicker in the fall like he said.

3. Chaos in the election.

4. No leadership present. Hence, the censorship & removal of Trump.

5. Political Backroom deals re. Trump. (Probably big money and blackmail)

6. Businesses boarded up

7. Wealth being taken. (Stimulus $ going to OTHER countries)

8. No change available in many places. (Though, not all over…….yet.)

Please take the time to listen to his dream and…

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