You Must Know Now….Senator Joe McCarthy Was RIGHT.

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You Must Know Now….Senator Joe McCarthy Was RIGHT.

Take a good look at the 2 blockheads McCarthy addresses from the NYT and the WA Star… Totally uneasy. Of course they were! They were Communists! One thing Communists fear is being NAMED. They hate it. Thats why the Communist Democrats call themselves fancy words; “Progressives”, “Liberals”, “Leftists”…

He didn’t care what the “Liberals” said. He just plowed on and so should you. Communists are LIARS.Click to read –When demons conspire to take over a nation …there’s only one option ‘Demons are liars so never believe them. My concern is the people on the other side are being used to make us feel demoralized and distracting us so we lose our focus.’ generated Image

We should repent as a nation to Senator Joe McCarthy.

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