UPDATE: 2020 and beyond, you are the ones to decide your future

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China, the major enemy in this, is still barely mentioned, even by Dobbs.
Watch Shadowgate 1 and 2, 3 coming…
This was done by “americans’ to America.
Members of CISA, and other government security agency employees, were recorded in zoom meetings, planning these acts to “take down Trump” as shown in Shadowgate 2.
This breach of the software was used to steal the 2020 elections but the treasonous plotters did not foresee this breach coming to light.
They have access to every major security agency in our government.
They’ve been able to cover it up for well over a year now, most likely much longer than that.
Wake up Patriots, this overthrow of the country has been planned for at least the last 4 years, probably longer…

ShadowGate 1

ShadowGate 2

More reporting on election fraud and the treasonous actors here

Preview at end for Shadowgate 3…

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