Birds of a Feather: Joe Biden, Democrats, and the Rioting Mob


By:                          Derek Hunter

Birds of a Feather: Joe Biden, Democrats, and the Rioting Mob

The contrast between the two conventions could not have been greater. Democrats painted a picture of a country you’d want to flee – a racist hellhole built on oppression, run by Adolf Hitler Jr. just waiting for his chance to seize absolute power. Republicans praised the United States, highlighting uniquely American stories and the only country on the planet in which they could have happened. But behind it all lurks a contrast; truths Democrats hope people never find out about.

The Republican convention was so successful it chased Joe Biden out of his basement, now announcing he will do some public campaign events and maybe even take some questions from reporters. But the success of a pro-American message isn’t the only, nor the biggest, problem facing Democrats. It’s that their protectors in the media are…

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