Why did they ban his movie? Exposing them is dangerous…

There it is. More evidence of the “conspiracy theories” being actual reality and not sweaty fat boy sub-Reddit rumour-milling.

This story is about to blow up.

Or maybe John Paul Rice is about to blow up, in a horrific plane crash, or maybe he’s into auto-erotic asphyxiation. Or maybe he’s just plain old depressed, that seems to be a popular one.

For those of you who choose to live with wool over your eyes because the thought of elites participating in horrendous activities, and attempting to control the world for their benefit makes your wittle tummy huwt, you won’t be able to ignore this elitist pedophilia stuff for much longer.

#pizzagate is crazy nonsense!

How many of you actually conducted a decent amount of research before arriving at that conclusion?

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