Trudeau won’t take the temperature of travellers arriving from China, so I did!

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Since the pandemic began, I have put on a protective face mask and visited the airport to report on the ever-continuing stream of flights arriving from foreign countries — including numerous daily flights from the COVID-19 homeland: China!

And it’s downright shocking to me that there is still no screening at our airports. No temperature tests. No face masks handed out to arrivals who then connect on to domestic flights — despite specific promises by Health Minister Patty Hajdu that this is happening.

But why?

After all, in my most recent visit to Toronto Pearson International Airport, I proved just how easy and fast it is to take people’s temperature upon arrival.

I brought my own remote thermometer, and nobody objected to having their temperatures taken — check it out:

So, that being the case, what is stopping CBSA from ensuring that those who touch down on Canadian soil are doing so fever-free?

Nothing — other than sheer incompetence and mismanagement on the government’s side, of course.

Yours truly,

David Menzies

P.S. It is profoundly disturbing how dangerously incompetent Trudeau and his ministers have been. But what’s almost worse is that so few reporters have bothered to fact-check Trudeau as we have at Rebel News. Because what his government is telling Canadians — that “enhanced measures” are in place — is simply not true. It is a lie. And his government might just have blood on its hands because of it.

Fortunately, though, my Rebel News colleagues and I are on the frontline exposing this tragedy for what it is. But unlike Trudeau’s favourite network, the CBC, we don’t receive $1.5 billion a year no matter what. We need your help to stay strong. So, if you can spare a few bucks to keep us going in this difficult time, please click here or visit to chip in. Thank you!

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