Is the government still lying to Canadians about flights from China?


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Donald Trump restricted flights from China way back in January. But Justin Trudeau didn’t take such measures until last week — in fact, he still hasn’t. As we have shown, passengers are still arriving in Canada via direct flights from China, the source of the coronavirus pandemic.

No-one is taking their temperature. No-one is quarantining them.

And while health minister Patty Hajdu claims that some arrivals are being given masks by border guards, no-one I spoke to at Toronto Pearson International Airport saw anyone being given a government-issued mask.

Is the government lying to Canadians?

Check out my latest report from Toronto Pearson to find out:

Also, check out this deeply alarming loophole: once passengers disembark at one of Canada’s major hubs, many then immediately catch a domestic flight where they will sit next to unsuspecting Canadians travelling on to smaller cities.

Isn’t that crazy?

Toronto residents can potentially be fined up to $5,000 for going to a public park or playground, but it’s OK for someone from the world’s coronavirus epicentre to hop on a connecting flight to Vancouver, no questions asked?

Yours truly,

David Menzies

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