HELP — Trudeau is hiking the one TAX that touches everything when Canadians need relief

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One in three Canadian businesses will not survive for more than a month of the coronavirus pandemic, and that’s on top of the almost one million Canadians who lost their jobs last week.

This isn’t going to get any better soon. People still have to pay rent, buy groceries, take care of their kids and make car payments.

Canada is in lockdown mode, people are scared, and the economy is being hammered. Families are facing unemployment, bankruptcy and poverty.

And any government that would choose to punish families and raise taxes at such a time would be laughed at by the international community for doing something so dumb — or scorned for such shameless cruelty, right?


But that is exactly what Justin Trudeau is doing.

His government is planning to hike the carbon tax by 50 per cent!

Here — check out my full report to find out how:

Just as Canada plunges towards the biggest recession since the Great Depression of 1929, our wishy-washy Liberal Party prime minister is ploughing on to make everything more expensive.

The hard-working, law-abiding workers of this great country will suffer tremendous pain as a result — and for what? So this trust fund, fake-progressive, “blackface” prime minister can continue his heartless, pre-pandemic, eco-radical agenda to impress his celebrity friends?

We cannot allow this to go on.

If you’re outraged by this egregious abuse of power, please click here or visit to sign our petition to stop it now.

Yours truly,

Sheila Gunn Reid

P.S. The carbon tax has already been ruled unconstitutional in a court of appeals challenge raised by the Alberta Government, and yet the Liberals are hiking it from $20 a ton to $30 a ton on April 1.

Trudeau is jacking up the one tax that touches everything in our lives at a time when Canadians need relief from taxes.

Can you imagine being so cruel?

Please visit to sign our petition now. And please forward this email to all of your friends and family, and put as your Facebook status. Thank you!

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