RN: EXCLUSIVE: Professional actress among pro-Huawei protesters!

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January 21, 2020
Is Huawei is using professional actors to hold fake political protests on its behalf in Canada?

Here — check out my exclusive report where I detail how we have uncovered what could be a shocking scoop:

What protesters refuse to say anything at all about the subject they’re protesting? And refuse to even say if they’re paid or not?

Well, in at least one case, a professional actor, that’s who.

Even more embarrassing: why did Canada’s mainstream media miss this story — and take these protesters at face value?

Kudos to Bob Mackin, the independent B.C. reporter who pressed those protesters on their identity and if they were being paid. We built our story on his foundation — by identifying the actress amongst them.

Unlike the mainstream media that missed this story, we refuse to take a dime in government money or corporate sponsorship. Did you know that Huawei is now showering Canadian media with sponsorship money? Even Hockey Night in Canada took the cash.

We’ll never take money from Communist China. Instead, we rely on our viewers to keep us going. So, if you can, please click here to fund public-interest journalism like this — thank you!

Yours truly,

Keean Bexte

P.S. But enough is enough — it’s also time to ban Huawei from Canada. The cash payments and fake protests can’t hide the fact that Huawei is a massive threat to Canadian security. And we have to stop it. Our security and sovereignty depend on it. If you agree with me, please click here or visit BanHuawei.com to sign our petition to rid Huawei and its Chinese state-approved technology from Canada.

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