What Happens When You Merge Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition And Social Credit Systems

Facial recognition is already installed at Rochester International Airport. Big Brother is already here. Your government couldn’t care less whether you accept it or not, they are your gods.

Jasper and Sardine

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China wants to give its prisoners (populace) the ability to pay with their faces to ride subways; this will be combined with its social credit program — which already tracks the communist nation’s citizens traveling — and if points are too low, it prevents travel.

The new program, which must have been assembled from George Orwell’s apparent instruction manual 1984, is slowly rolling out throughout China in several cities, The Standard reported.

In Shenzhen, China, home of OnePlus, Huawei and internet giant Tencent, the city has released a new government system for elderly Chinese. This new program will allow residents of China over the age of 60 to register for free subway rides, using just their face as their ticket.

If you think this is just a one-off, you would be utterly wrong. This form of facial recognition is already being experimented in other cities including Jinan, Shanghai and Nanjing…

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