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The Dan Bongino Show: Is This What John Brennan is Worried About?

December 26, 2019 Listen to Today’s Podcast: In this episode, I address the real reason former Obama CIA Director John Brennan may be sweating. I also discuss the troubling threat to firearm owners in Virginia. Finally, I address the likely … Continue reading

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BNI: MUSLIM UN officials are blocking Christian refugees from Syria — especially those w ho have converted from Islam to Christianity — from getting any help.

Just one more example, hundreds of violent attacks against Christians worldwide over this Christmas, hundreds dead, more maimed…when will Christians fight back and report to the world about these atrocities? BareNakedIslam posted: “The moves includes blocking them from entering refugee … Continue reading

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Project Veritas: Project Veritas will never stop exposing corruption

Truer words were never spoken: “The American people want the corrupt to be held accountable. And as long as Project Veritas is on watch, Americans will have the information needed to hold them accountable.” As the Project Veritas Team reflects … Continue reading

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