Project Veritas: Project Veritas is not tired of winning

Another win! Last week a judge in California heard Project Veritas’ arguments in a second lawsuit brought against us by Kimberly K

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Another win!

Last week, a judge in California heard Project Veritas’ arguments in a second lawsuit brought against Veritas by Kimberly Koerber.

The judge ruled in Project Veritas’ favor, stating that the “motion for attorney fees and costs…is GRANTED in the amount of $40,942.00.”

In the original lawsuit brought by Koerber, the court had also awarded us attorneys’ fees of approximately $63,000.00.

The targets of some of our investigations have tried to weaponize the legal system to shut us down, but they have FAILED!

Project Veritas will never settle these frivolous lawsuits; Veritas will always fight for vindication and defend our means and methods.

Speaking about winning, Project Veritas investigations this year led to numerous victories in Court, Congress, and our overall Culture.

Allow me to explain.

In the beginning of the year, Project Veritas exposed Robert Bell for double voting in Florida and New Hampshire during the 2018 midterm elections.

As a result, Robert Bell was convicted and faced up to seven years in prison.

He was sentenced to pay a $1,000 fine and perform 50 hours of community service. He also lost the right to vote.

Another legal victory was the Shirley Teter case, where Project Veritas was sued for supposedly defaming Ms. Teter.

She claimed that a Project Veritas video in 2016 exposing her actions at a Trump Rally in North Carolina ruined her reputation.

The video speaks for itself; all Project Veritas did was release a video of activist Scott Foval talking about Ms. Teter during the 2016 elections.

Project Veritas won the lawsuit against Teter, with a rare “Rule 50” motion where the judge directs a verdict before sending the case to the jury:

Not yet tired of winning, Project Veritas went on to expose Google.

Our Google investigation led to Congressional Hearings:

And led to President Trump inviting Project Veritas to the White House, thanking Veritas for exposing Google:

With all of these 2019 victories and the PV Insider Program producing great stories like the Facebook, Pinterest, CNN, and ABC investigations, Project Veritas is now looking at even bigger wins in 2020.

For that to happen, I am asking for your immediate support.

With your donation, Project Veritas can win more big-league victories for the American people. There is plenty of Media, Big Tech, and Election activity to investigate next year.

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