New York’s Judas Cuomo on his Satanic Pulpit AGAIN!

Just like all of those of us who believe in God…own a Bible…or a gun…you also said no one with THESE beliefs don’t belong in New York too. You Judas hypocrite!

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has vetoed a non-controversial bipartisan bill that would have allowed all federal judges to officiate weddings in the state because some might have been nominated to the bench by President Donald Trump.

"I cannot in good conscience support legislation that would authorize such actions by federal judges who are appointed by this federal administration," Cuomo’s veto message stated, the New York Post reported.

President Trump does not embody who we are as New Yorkers," the Democratic governor added on Friday.

Read more of this drivel, if you can tolerate #CuomoCorruptionInc

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