In the Era of Stupid

“Rage does blind, but so does fear, both of which seem to be fueling the Democratic Party exclusively these days.”


By:                 Derek Hunter

In the Era of Stupid

I’ve always known our liberal friends were insane, but I never knew their destructive nature reached so far as to target themselves too. I’d always considered them more of the recruiter than the suicide bomber – you know, the guy who convinces someone else to strap an explosive vest to themselves and walk into a market without it ever occurring to the poor sucker to ask, “If this is the key to an eternity in paradise, why haven’t you done it? Don’t you want 72 virgins?”

But this week showed me differently. Perhaps begrudgingly (dragged by radicals and fear their base won’t show up next November without it), perhaps willingly, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tried to have her cake and eat it too.

The House voted to impeach President Donald Trump on two counts, both made up.


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