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Senate Called On to Charge Pelosi with ‘Obstruction of Congress’ Over Impeachment

She is no longer rushing the process; she is now obstructing it, knowing that there is no two-thirds majority for removal in the Senate, which may even dismiss the charges as unconstitutional.Unlike Trump, who can cite text and precedent in … Continue reading

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BNI: New post HEY, ITALIAN LEFTISTS…this is what you get when you tear down the retain ing wall (Matteo Salvini) protecting you from mass Muslim invasion

BareNakedIslam posted: “Illegal alien Muslim invaders from Africa squatting in the San Ferdinando tent city blocked the port gate of Gioia Tauro and attacked police as they demanded immigration documents and free housing immediately, while marching towards Reggio Calabria, unlea” … Continue reading

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BNI: New post Soliciting donations for a designated terrorist group should be banned here

BareNakedIslam posted: “When the TSA is doing their job and using extreme vetting procedures on Muslims who look to be potential terrorists, CAIR uses tax-exempt donations to stop them. It’s way past time to stop Hamas-linked, Muslim Brotherhood front groups … Continue reading

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RR: Islamophobe? Why the Conservatives BARRED Salim Mansur

P.S. Have you heard about our special Christmas project? Read at end of post, thanks. Rebel News: Original Shows, Journalist Videos and Breaking Stories from Around the World Watch Listen Take Action Shop Donate December 20, 2019 Here are a … Continue reading

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Wikipedia Blacklists Epoch Times, Gateway Pundit for Russiagate Criticism

China critics the Epoch Times and conservative outlet the Gateway Pundit have been banned from use as reliable sources on Wikipedia in the latest cases of news outlets that support President Trump being banned from the online encyclopedia. The Epoch … Continue reading

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WOW! Maxine Waters flashes WHITE SUPREMACIST SIGN during speech!!

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