10 Biblical Prophecies Realized In 2019

Jasper and Sardine

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There was a time when news of last days’ significance was sporadic. I could easily do a weekly radio program and hit the highlights of the week in an hour or two on air.
In the last decade, that has all changed. Now, when trying to prepare a new message on the signs of the times, I find myself having to leave out information due to volume. Some things just have to be set aside.
In light of that, let me present what I think are the top ten Bible prophecy signs of 2019. As stated, I could present 110. In some cases, these signs are Tribulation-related events but they are still casting a shadow on the Church Age.
They are not in order of importance because each item is important!
1) The spirit of the Antichrist has been poured out around the world. 
In dozens of countries, we see…

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