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BNI: TURKISH MUSLIM Cenk Uygur, who is running for Congress denies the Armenian Genocide but approves of sex with animals

So, using the ‘n’ word, promoting beastiality and incest is what qualifies one as a legit reason to run for congress in CA? BareNakedIslam posted: “Cenk Uygur, a former MSNBC commentator and founder of The Young Turks, a far left … Continue reading

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Police Chief: What happened to America? We started rewarding bad behavior, that’s what.

If you have ever taken a psychology class you have probably been exposed to the notion of reward versus punishment. The basis being that you get more of that which you reward and less of that which you punish for. … Continue reading

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BNI: EX-MUSLIM ANNI CYRUS talks about her own personal “Hijab Hell”

BareNakedIslam posted: “Iranian-born Anni discusses my ‘Forced-Hijab Nightmare,’ sharing her harrowing torment as a small child at the hands of her Islamic fundamentalist father…just one of the many reasons she left Islam and escaped Iran. https://youtu.be/bg4L7gNbK80 Becau” New post on … Continue reading

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