UKRAINE, OBAMA, BIDEN & DC MAFIA|Global Election Meddling, Personal Gain and Global Extortion

“Election fraud is NOT just nationwide, it’s worldwide, fixing elections across the world, and funding election software companies across the planet.”

During the course of our investigation of what is now realized to be a nationally orchestrated electoral fraud syndicate centering around the DNC we discovered that it’s an international syndicate. Investigative Journalist Millie Weaver and I made some remarkable discoveries during our in-depth investigation and forensic analysis of the Kentucky elections that occurred in November 2019.

Among many other things, we discovered a link with Ukraine and Mitt Romney’s son (Tagg) as an investor into a non-U.S. based murky software company that is involved in elections across the planet, data mining among other things. This lead us to investigate the connection this company had with U.S. government entities.

Firstly, we discovered that Mitt Romney’s campaign finance manager and his son Tagg Romney invested via Solamere Capital (they own) into Hart InterCivic in 2011.

Hart InterCivic is a full service election solutions innovator, partnering with state and local governments to deliver secure, accurate and reliable elections. Our mission is to help advance democracy one election at a time. This mission fuels our passionate customer focus and our continuous drive for technological innovation that makes voting more straightforward, more equitable and more accessible—and makes managing elections more transparent, more efficient and easier. ~ Hart InterCivic

This finding allows us to demonstrate where the MEDIA works with the Democrats while they play cover up. actually flat out lied claiming Romney was not involved in Hart InterCivic, even though Wikipedia cites it. There was also an article (HERE) by the Boston Globe. Funny how they bury stories.


The Biggest Story Buried

Over three weeks ago we reported to you that in early 2014, as Obama was seeking a way out of the mess in Iran and trying to find an in to the EU and their energy market, Mykola Zlochevsky (Owner of Burisma) was in trouble. The UK and Northern Ireland Fraud Bureau was months into a criminal investigation involving Zlochevsky and $35 Mil worth of laundered money. Long story short, it probably went something like this: Zlochevsky said “Help me get out of this and we can split the profits of Burisma.” It’s at that point in early March that Hunter Biden is offered a job with Burisma and officially joined on May 12, 2014.

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