Tennessee school teacher says teen should shoot Trump supporters

How many indoctrination employees are telling children this same message. All too many!

The Clarksville-Montgomery County School system is looking into a Byrns Darden Elementary teacher’s social media post in which he said a teen should have shot a man dressed as President Donald Trump instead of punching him.

Just before Halloween, a man was standing in line at a Naples haunted house when a 14-year-old girl walked straight up to the man and punched him square in the jaw.

The victim, who was dressed as Donald Trump for the Halloween event, instantly had the girl removed from the premises by the police.

After that, a social media user was talking about the incident saying that the girl should be held accountable. But school teacher Mosley disagreed and said that girl should have shot and killed the Trump supporter.

David Mosley, a teacher from Tennessee is apparently rooting for violence against anyone who supports the president. (Facebook)

That set off an online argument with a user named Kirk Strieter, who emailed screenshots of the conversation to school board members with questions about a “disturbing encounter with one of your educators.”

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