The Dan Bongino Show: Liberals are Trying to Scare You Away From Mentioning Him

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November 22, 2019 Listen to Today’s Podcast:

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In this episode, I address the liberal’s use of scare tactics to intimidate you and to prevent you from learning the truth about the role of liberal mega-donor George Soros in the Ukraine scandal. I also address the wall the Democrats are running into in their impeachment hoax.

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President Trump

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Interview Donald Trump Jr.


Family Ties: Firm Linked to Hunter Biden Given $130M in Fed Loans While Dad was VP

An investment company linked to Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden received $130 million in federal bailout loans while his father served in the Obama Administration, according to a new report.


DEM FAIL: Impeachment Hearings a Ratings Dud – Now Most Oppose Impeachment

Satire has increasingly become indistinguishable from reality in the modern age, and that’s especially been true with the impeachment circus the nation has been subjected to.


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