David Boies: Dershowitz Claimed He Bullied ABC to Drop Epstein Story

By Celia Farber

David Boies Drops Bombshell On Podcast: Says Alan Dershowitz Threatened and Pressured Him To Release Him From Giuffre Lawsuit—Claimed HE Bullied ABC Into Dropping Its Epstein Story

In a relaxed, wide ranging interview on Nov 22, super-lawyer David Boies, who for many years has represented (pro-bono) Virginia Giuffre, as well as other victims of Jeffrey Epstein, spoke from the inside of his half-decade crusade to bring Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes to light. The interview was on my very own podcast—The Whistleblower Newsroom—which I co-host with veteran investigative reporter Kristina Borjesson, formerly of CBS. (“Formerly” because, though she had won Emmy awards for her reports, she was dismissed on order from the FBI/Deep State, for getting too close to the truth about the crash of TWA 800.)

Thinking we should offer the man something as a gesture of hospitality, and lacking any green room or other fancy media trappings, I stopped and bought two croissants and a cranberry scone on West 35th st. These giant, misshapen croissants suddenly became absurd when placed on a plate in front of the man Time Magazine once named one of the 100 most influential people in America. Nobody touched them, but we all had a good laugh.

David Boise had absolutely nothing about him that radiated “immensely powerful man,” and yes, I know he also represented Harvey Weinstein at one time. He was warm, funny, detailed and unguarded. For parts of the discussion, I began to shoot video on my phone, as Kristina was leading the interview. When he started to talk about Alan Dershowitz, it seemed suddenly his words stood out, or began to appear as pull quotes on pages in my mind. What he was saying was truly stunning.

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