Project Veritas: BREAKING: Congress sends Letter of Inquiry to ABC

The Project Veritas ABC News / #EpsteinCoverUp story continues to make a

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As a direct result of Project Veritas’ ABC #EpsteinCoverUp story released November 5, 2019, James Goldston, President of ABC has been sent an official letter signed by three members of the United States House of Representatives.

In that letter, the House Republican Leader, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and the ranking Republican members of both the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs Committees, Mike T. McCaul (R-TX) and Doug A. Collins (R-GA), officially requested more information regarding the “hot mic” recording from August, 2019.

That recording was provided to, and entrusted with, Project Veritas by Ignotus, an insider with a conscience, still working within ABC.

See the full Congressional Letter here:

ABC News’ decision to not move forward with the story when they had it in 2016 was questioned by the Congressmen, explicitly raising “the possibility that any number of minors could have been spared from human trafficking over the past three years.”

The Congressmen noted that, instead of addressing these serious concerns head-on, “ABC News’ initial response and subsequent actions reveal their priority is to identify and hold accountable the individual who released the video to the public,” rather than ensuring that human trafficking operations are exposed.

As reported by YahooNews, the letter requests the following from ABC:

1) Will ABC New provide Congress the interview Ms. Robach Conducted with the victim?

2) What did ABC News learn about Jeffrey Epstein after Ms. Robach first presented her story to executives?

3) Who was involved in deciding this story was not of public interest, and what were their reasons for deciding so?

4) Can Ms. Robach expand on the “outside forces” she mentioned as potentially responsible for the story not running?

5) Was ABC News ever presented with additional evidence on Mr. Epstein from the time Ms. Robach first brought her investigation to the network and when he was ultimately arrested?

6) Were authorities alerted at any time after Ms. Robach presented ABC News executives with her reporting? If so, when and what was provided.

Project Veritas agrees with the sentiment expressed in the close of the letter: “It is imperative that the public be assured newsroom decisions regarding exposing human trafficking are not tampered by financial interests or outside forces.”

That’s why Veritas will continue to work with and protect brave Insiders like Ignotus who are willing to risk so much to do what’s right. Project Veritas will continue to protect them, so they can continue in the cause of truth.

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