Former vp’$ Brother caught on video. The corruption piles up.

“On the Holmes Front,” with Frank Holmes

Not only did former Vice President Joe Biden pull strings to pass a bill that his brother was lobbying for, but his family bragged about it on video — and thanks to The Horn News, you can see the proof in living color.

An oil heiress got Frank Biden the former vice president’s younger brother, to lobby for a bill to ban the slaughter of horses. But the way she passed the bill has foes saying it’s another example of Biden family corruption.

And Joe Biden admits everything in an “unlisted” video obtained by The Horn News.

I turned also to Frank and said, ‘We may need a little help from the vice president and the administration talking to some senators,’” Abruzzo said on the video.

First, Frank told McCullough to fool as many people as possible. Then the Biden family would do the rest.

“We inserted this into the Omnibus (bill) privately, secretly, basically, under the radar so opposition wasn’t there,”McCullough said in remarks that were also videotaped.

Joe Biden lined up the entire Democratic Party establishment behind his brother’s bill.


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