Project Veritas: ABC’s #EpsteinCoverUp continues to make headlines

The Project Veritas ABC News/ #EpsteinCoverUp story continues to make a

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The Project Veritas ABC News / #EpsteinCoverUp story continues to make a huge impact.

On Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson covered ABC’s desperate hunt for the insider.

Tucker and his guest, Melissa Francis both agreed that James O’Keefe and Project Veritas are unparalleled with regard to insiders being able to trust the organization’s character, media instincts, and ability to effectively deliver the truth to the public.

Melissa Francis: “Notice the leaker went to Veritas, not to another network.”

Tucker Carlson: “They trusted James O’Keefe more than they trusted their own employers at ABC. That tells you a lot.”

This Project Veritas ABC cover-up exclusive has also led to renewed questions regarding the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death.

In the released PV video, Amy Robach states she “100%” believes that Epstein was murdered.

Her declaration wasn’t missed by nationally syndicated Editorial Cartoonist Rick McKee:

In the week since this story’s release, both ABC and parent company Disney have established that their top priority is to hunt down the insider as opposed to releasing the Epstein story they killed.

In a recent article from the National Legal and Policy Center, questions emerge about how Disney should respond:

“The revelation by Project Veritas that ABC News killed a story three years ago by their reporter, Amy Robach, that would have exposed the sexually predatory conduct of late financier Jeffrey Epstein, raises the question: What is parent company Disney going to do about it?”

The public has a right to know who within ABC or Disney killed the Epstein story and why.

Project Veritas will continue to investigate and demand answers so as to keep the elite media accountable for their actions, or their inaction.

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