There was an incredible development in our #EpsteinCoverUp st

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There was an incredible development in our #EpsteinCoverUp story today.

As a direct result of Project Veritas exposing ABC’s “quashing” of ABC Anchor Amy Robach’s interview of alleged Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Roberts (Giuffre), the network finally decided to take action.

Instead of focusing on who ‘quashed’ the Epstein story and why, ABC chose to initiate a witch-hunt looking for a leaker.

The Blaze captured and tweeted Donald Trump Jr. addressing this very issue today on ABC’s The View:

ABC is right now chasing down a whistleblower about all of the Epstein stuff because those stories were killed. So, if we’re going to have the conversation about the outrage about whistleblowers…

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In an industry dependent on sources, insiders and leaks, it’s hypocritical of ABC to hunt down and punish a woman with a conscience, who was more concerned about protecting other women than protecting ABC’s access to “Will and Kate.”

What the public deserves is for ABC to come clean on why newsworthy information about a pedophile was kept from the public for three years. Moreover, who at ABC quashed the story, and why?

ABC reportedly notified CBS about a former ABC employee who allegedly accessed the video and, until now, was employed at CBS.

Today, CBS FIRED that female employee!

From Page Six:

“CBS News has fired a female staffer believed to have had access to the tape of Amy Robach raging against ABC, Page Six understands.”

“The staffer previously worked at ABC News and had access to audio of ABC anchor Robach caught on a hot mic complaining her bosses had failed to air her interview with Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre.”

“A TV source said the woman was let go on Wednesday, after ABC execs alerted CBS.”

“As we reported, it is not known whether the woman leaked the tape, recorded in July, to conservative website Project Veritas – or showed it to others who passed it on.”

“A CBS spokesperson declined to comment.”

For the complete Page Six article, click HERE.

Has Disney, which wholly-owns ABC, asked exactly who in their network killed a story three years ago on the notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and why?

As for Project Veritas, exposing corruption and informing the public will always be our number one priority.

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