Project Veritas: CNN cannot keep ignoring this

“exposing CNN’s bias against certain DEMOCRATIC Presidential candidates!”

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Yesterday, Project Veritas released a new video exposing CNN’s bias against certain DEMOCRATIC Presidential candidates.

CNN has always claimed to be objective. However, CNN insider Cary Poarch has shown proof of what the American people have long suspected.

Not only has CNN revealed their bias toward Republicans and conservatives, but also, our videos this week show that the network picks favorites among the Democratic Presidential field.

CNN’s bias and preferences prioritize its coverage.

Each American has a right to choose his, or her, preferred candidate without “journalists” pretending to be objective. CNN is deciding which candidates are to be taken ‘seriously.’

Earlier this week, Project Veritas exposed CNN’s bias against President Trump, Lindsey Graham, and Fox News. Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity devoted significant segments in their shows to discuss the evidence that our insider uncovered.

As a result of this coverage, President Trump commented on CNN’s bias and its President, Zucker’s, apparent personal vendetta against him.

Zucker has been inconspicuously silent as the evidence speaks for itself .

How much longer will CNN’s parent company, AT&T, allow Zucker, and CNN, to refrain from commenting on what has been uncovered? The public has a right to know AT&T’s official position.

Will you demand a response from AT&T and CNN? Here is how:

AT&T Phone Number: (210) 821-4105

Warner Media/CNN Phone Number: (404)827-1700

Without CNN Insider Cary Poarch, the American people wouldn’t have known about any of this information.

Project Veritas is not done. Neither should you be! Now is the time to keep the pressure on!


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