RebalMedia: BREAKING: I’m writing to you from the Federal Court, where we’re seeking a n emergency injunction against Trudeau

I’m writing to you from the Federal Court in downtown Toronto.

Because on Friday, Justin Trudeau’s hand-picked debate commission banned Rebel News reporters from even attending the only English-language debate in this election.

He deliberately waited until the very last day — Friday — before telling us we’re banned.

I think they wanted us to give up.

Instead, we immediately hired a law firm to work all weekend putting together an emergency lawsuit for an injunction, to get a judge to override Trudeau’s censorship.

That’s what we’re doing in court today.

I’d like you to read all of the court documents. You can see them all by clicking

You’ll see our lawsuit, including my sworn affidavit and our legal brief — that’s what we hired our lawyers to do.

But the government hired at least three lawyers to work all weekend to fight us. Click here to see their huge legal response — they obviously spared no expense. They really, really want to ban us.

But here’s the strange part: in their case, they list all of the reporters that they DID accredit. Including:

* nearly a dozen foreign reporters, from Germany, Switzerland, France, The Philippines, Vietnam and even Qatar’s state broadcaster, Al Jazeera

* activist reporters on the left, including extremists from the National Observer and an NDP activist named Justin Ling

* dozens and dozens of reporters from Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster

There is literally no criterion by which we could be excluded but those other reporters be allowed in. Other than one: we’re conservative, and they’re not.

I’ll let you know how we do in court — wish us luck.

This isn’t just about Rebel News (or Andrew Lawton, another conservative journalist who was banned, who will be in court with us today too). It’s about freedom of the press for all Canadians — and whether or not Justin Trudeau gets to determine who is a journalist and who isn’t.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. We don’t get a dime of government money — so we’re fighting these three government lawyers with our own funds. If you can spare $10 or $100 — whatever you can — please help. Click here to make a donation.

P.P.S. I think the most disappointing part of this is that not a single other media company and not a single civil liberties group has lifted a finger to fight this. They really don’t believe in free speech anymore — they’re more interested in getting their slice of Trudeau’s $600 million media bailout. We’ll never take a dime from Trudeau which is why he hates us.

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