Project Veritas: ANOTHER Project Veritas legal victory: Common Core lawsuit

In January of 2016, Project Veritas released an investigation into textbook publishing companies. It exposed what was taking place within the Common Core program which changed our education curriculum.

A textbook sales representative, Kimberly Koerber, was caught on hidden camera stating, “The dead white guys did not create this country,” and “Damn the Second Amendment,” among other statements.

Following the release of this investigation, Koerber filed a lawsuit against Project Veritas in the Los Angeles County Superior Court alleging that her privacy had been violated since she had been recorded without her knowledge.

In a victory for the First Amendment, the court dismissed this case on January 12, 2018.

The court found Koerber’s suit ran afoul of a California statute prohibiting actions that are, effectively, a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (also known as the “Anti-SLAPP” statute). PV’s undercover reporting addressed the Common Core curriculum, a newsworthy subject of not only state, but also, national public interest. The court found that all eleven of Koerber’s causes of action lacked merit.

Koerber appealed to the California Court of Appeals which affirmed the lower court’s decision in its entirety.

In its decision, the Court of Appeals noted that:

“It is well-established that news reporting and journalism are entitled to free speech protections and subject to the anti-SLAPP statute when the reporting or journalism giving rise to the plaintiff’s claims ‘concerns a public issue or an issue of public interest.’”

“In short, because ‘the surreptitious recordings [here] were in aid of and incorporated into a broadcast in connection with [a] public issue,’ Koerber’s claims against Project Veritas fall within the scope of the anti-SLAPP statute.”

First Amendment rights must be preserved, thereby enabling PV to inform the public. In turn, the public is equipped to make informed decisions/opinions.

The Koerber lawsuit is just one of several “SLAPP” lawsuits that have been filed against Project Veritas over the years. Their intent is intimidation, and consuming PV’s time and resources rather than pursuing its mission

Exposing corruption, waste, fraud, dishonest, or questionable, behavior within our society, including but not limited to, the education system, is our mission at Project Veritas.

We will not be deterred by these lawsuits.

Let’s keep up the fight! We are winning.

James O’Keefe

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