Clint Eastwood’s next move is driving liberals INSANE

The trailer for the next Clint Eastwood film, “Richard Jewell,” has been released — and liberals absolutely furious about it.

Right on time, Eastwood is delivering a movie directed right at the fake news media.

It retells the real life story of Richard Jewell, the security guard who was falsely accused of the 1996 bombing during the Atlanta Summer Olympic Games. Jewell discovered the bomb. He led an evacuation of the area and avoided thousands of potential casualties (two deaths and 111 injuries were reported) — but his status as national hero was short lived when he became the prime suspect in the bombing.

The FBI leaked information on the investigation to the media — and they fueled hysteria surrounding Jewell that he was guilty.

The false and unconfirmed information run by the mainstream media created a narrative about Jewell — that he was a failed, wannabe police officer who tried to create his own heroic story by both planting a bomb and leading an evacuation.

Journalists spread stories around the country for three months, essentially accusing Jewell of planting the bomb without facts or evidence.

In doing so, Jewell’s reputation was ruined forever.

It was all literally jake news. Jewell was a hero.

Eastwood is stepping up and retelling the story at a time when the ethics and practices of journalism are at an all-time high level of scrutiny. Jewell, who was eventually exonerated, died in 2007 at the young age of 44.

Yup, liberal Hollywood is going to hate this one.

You can watch the trailer for the new movie below:


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