Rebel.Media: The Media Party promoted a fake news HOAX about Andrew Scheer

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Did you hear about the mainstream media promoting a fake news HOAX about Andrew Scheer?

It started with a video posted by Blog TO that came to my attention when Chief Political Correspondent for Global News, David Akin, tweeted it.

Here’s how Blog TO described the video:

“Disturbing video footage of a young woman [named Talya Davidson] hurling racist remarks, [holding a ‘VOTE ANDREW SCHEER’ sign] and spitting at a Toronto resident is circulating like wildfire online today, inspiring shock and outrage across the board.”

If this were a Hollywood script, a producer would say, too obvious; It needs to be more nuanced. No-one who wants to promote Andrew Scheer would really do what this woman did.

You can watch the Blog TO video and my full report from The Ezra Levant Show, but you’ll need a Premium Content subscription:


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It reminded me of the Hijab Hoax girl in Toronto and the Jussie Smollett hoax in Chicago.

It is exactly what it looks like — a leftist’s idea of what conservatives think and say.

And the journalists who reported it know so little about conservatives and what we really think, so they ran with it.

How hard is it to type Talya Davidson into Google? I did. I found her on Facebook, partying at a hard left-wing activist newspaper in Toronto called NOW Magazine.

According to her social media page, Davidson is an anarcho-syndicalist, a Palestinian activist and an immigration booster — the exact opposite of who she pretended to be on camera.

The weirdest thing is that Blog TO did a profile on Davidson just last month. Didn’t they recognize her?

The election campaign isn’t in full swing — that won’t happen till after Labour Day — but get ready for a tsunami of fake news just like this.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

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