Project Veritas: Congress is going on vacation.


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Project Veritas is shaking Washington to its core:

  • President Trump praised our Google investigation;
  • U.S. Senator Ted Cruz grilled a Google executive about our videos in a Senate hearing;
  • Multiple Congressmen including Dan Crenshaw, Debbie Lesko, and Matt Gaetz have commented on our videos.

You and I are going to make history and it appears that Washington politicians are finally going to take action against these out of control social media companies.

But we need to put another crack in the dam of big tech.

>> It’s time for ANOTHER bombshell Google investigation. <<

I was just in D.C. last week and it was very clear — the dam is about to break.

But you and I need another big tech story as soon as possible.  Something so shocking, that politicians will be forced take action. 

It has to be now.

Congress will soon be in ‘recess’ (a glorified vacation) and all of the politicians will head back to their districts for the rest of the summer.

Will you donate $27, $57, $107, or $257 to ensure Project Veritas has another big BOMBSHELL before the Congress critters leave Washington?

Your gift, right now, could change everything.  You will make history.

Be Brave!

James O’Keefe



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