Rebel Media: “They’re terrorists”: Portland residents tell their ANTIFA stories

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Conservative journalist Andy Ngo was savagely assaulted in Portland over the weekend.

Multiple blunt-force impacts to his head from Antifa thugs caused a brain haemorrhage and bruising to his eyes and face. It was a vicious beating and yet no-one has been arrested in connection to it.

But this was not the only extreme incident to hit Portland in recent days. There have been Antifa riots in the streets, a bomb threat at City Hall, and, to top it all off, an actual tornado — all of this while ultra left-wing Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has been on vacation!

But that didn’t stop The Rebel’s Keean Bexte — he took to the streets to ask ordinary Portland residents what they think and if they want Antifa to be labelled “domestic terrorists.”

One VA worker even told Keean how he had to administer a CAT scan to someone who’d been “hit from behind with a baseball bat” by Antifa!

Here, check it out:

Can you believe that? This is what Portland has become: a dangerous, lawless, thug-friendly city.

But you wouldn’t know it if it was up to the mainstream media. While left-wing groups are violently assaulting journalists, the media is busy attacking conservatives for their speech.

That’s why the hard work has fallen to us at The Rebel. We are not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions — the likes of which the mainstream media wouldn’t dare to ask.

But we need your help.

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