GAB UPDATE: Big Tech Censorship In June 2019

If your sick of Big Tech spoonfeeding you what THEY deem ‘appropriote’ , come join the party at GAB.


Gab Community,

Hello! As we launch our Series A funding round I wanted to write with an update as to what we’ve been up to and our exciting plans for the coming year.

Gab Social

As of this morning, our main offering has nearly 1 million users – 986,000, to be precise.

We are planning to migrate the entire codebase (including all of your followers and posts) to the open-source Mastodon/ActivityPub framework next week, on July 4th. The new software – which we call Gab Social – allows anyone, whether they have a Gab account or not, to set up their own social networking server. All Gab Social servers will be interconnected. Users from one can follow users from another, and receive their content in feeds on their own servers. will be our company’s Gab Social server and hopefully the center of gravity for the Gab Social universe. Users from our server can follow users from other Gab Social servers, or create their own if they wish. In other words: the Gab Social platform will become unstoppable and spread across thousands of servers around the world one day soon.

Gab Social servers can also interconnect with other projects and apps in what is known the Fediverse, a collection of platforms that are all built on top of the same open source social networking protocols.

Long story short, Gab users will, in short order, be able to connect and interact with millions of new people, and vice-versa. Developers can now build apps for the Fediverse that will allow people to circumvent censorship in the closed, monopolistic App Store ecosystems to access Gab Social servers around the world. And the Free Speech Web will become that much more resilient and antifragile as a result.

Dissenter Web Browser

Gab has a new web browser that blocks Big Tech trackers and ads. It is lightning fast and also includes our Comment Extension that allows anyone to comment on any URL on the internet. Dissenter Browser is an open-source web browser that maximizes privacy, speed, and freedom. You can get it for Mac, Windows, and Linux here. Hundreds of thousands of people participated in our beta test and we are excited to now launch the browser to all of you.

Gab’s Series A Funding Round

We are pleased to announce that we are opening up our Series A funding round to you, The People. Gab is and always has been funded by our users, not special interests. We welcome those who are interested in joining us on this journey to defend freedom, digital sovereignty, and privacy on the internet to learn more about investing in Gab here.

Yours very truly

Andrew and the Team

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