Project Veritas: Trump, Cruz, Crenshaw, Gaetz, Tucker, Hannity . . .

You and I took on Google, the most powerful company in the world…

…and we are WINNING.

How do I know?

>> Mainstream news outlets including The Washington PostThe Hill, and Bloomberggave extensive coverage to the story;

>> Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity covered the story in prime-time last night.  Tucker said the investigation, “May determine what happens in the next presidential election.”

>> Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz responded saying, “It’s time to revisit Sec. 230 (Communications Decency Act).”

>> Senator Ted Cruz GRILLED a Google executive about our videos in a Senate hearing yesterday.

>> Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw tweeted that he will question Google in hearings today.

Then it got even better . . . This morning, President Donald Trump went on Fox Business to discuss our video.  Here’s a bit of what he told Fox’s Maria Bartiromo:

“You saw what happened yesterday with Google… Let me tell you, they’re trying to rig the election… They should be sued. What’s happening with the bias, and now you see it with that executive yesterday from Google the hatred for Republicans.”

— President Donald Trump

President Trump then went on to suggest that suing Google and Facebook may be appropriate.

This is a historic example of David versus Goliath.  A small nonprofit (Veritas) with a single brave Google insider teamed up to expose one of the most powerful companies in the world.

They can take down our video, they can block your posts on Facebook . . . but this is a groundswell moment.  Google is going to be held accountable for their actions.

And the best thing is that MORE INSIDERS are coming forward.

Please send your urgent gift of $35, $55, $105, $205, or $505 right away.

Let’s expose even more of their secrets.  With your support, you and I will have a massive impact on our culture.

Be Brave!

James O’Keefe

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