Project Veritas: Live-action PERMANENTLY BANNED

Just unbelievable!

The mainstream media constantly tells us these stories don’t exist. Now, you and I

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Pinterest just made Veritas history.

And it’s not good.

Last week our insider showed us documents that Live Action, a pro-life group, was added to the tech company’s porn domain block list. This means that their content could not be shared by users.

Today, Veritas released our jaw-dropping story.

Then they PERMANENTLY BANNED Live Action. They doubled down on censoring pro-life content.

Social media censorship is growing stronger every day.

The tactics these companies use are Orwellian. In fact, our Pinterest insider even showed us that “bible verses” and other Christian terms are also being censored by the platform.

It appears Silicon Valley is trying to alter reality.

Will you let them?

Will you let them suppress “bible verses” and pro-life content from our culture?

Or will you be brave and support those who expose these companies for what they are.

Please donate to Project Veritas right away. Our journalists and insiders are uncovering the secrets of Silicon Valley.

Give now, before your favorite voices are erased from the internet.

Be brave!

James O’Keefe


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