EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Belmarsh Prison Inmate Provides Photos of Julian Assange, Says the ‘Internet is the One Thing They Can’t Control ‘

Time to pony up to buy a REAL defence lawyer for JA. What would 1 dollar from a million people accomplish?

Unfortunately, the justgiving dot com crowd funding doesn’t seem to be real. Maybe gateway pundit can find the truth but as of now, it doesn’t exist.

by Cassandra FairbanksJune 6, 2019

The Gateway Pundit has obtained exclusive testimony, as well as photos, from a fellow inmate of imprisoned WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange inside London’s highest security prison.

The inmate, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent multiple photos of Assange from inside Belmarsh maximum security prison and spoke to The Gateway Pundit about the WikiLeaks founder’s situation using a contraband phone he has inside.

“I want his case to be understood fully, in detail,” the inmate told TGP. “I want people to know why exactly the USA wants him and what good he has done for the world.”

The prisoner said that while Assange can only spend £6 a week, he is in need of commissary money. Multiple people close to WikiLeaks asserted that this is false and he has more than enough in his account.

“That’s the story with the pictures,” he added. “He needs canteen money and a much better legal team.”


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