UAP: Tell the President to save our Warriors

Fox News, the Washington Examiner, and even the New York Times report that President Trump will pardon several wrongly accused American Service Members on Memorial Day.

That’s why I’m urgently asking you to sign this WARRIOR PARDON PETITION right away.

It’s unacceptable that bureaucrats are second-guessing the actions of our Service Members in combat from the comfort of their offices in Washington.

It’s outrageous that our military leaders have caved to political correctness and dangerously narrowed the Rules of Engagement – forcing our Warriors to fight the enemy with one arm tied behind their backs.

And it’s absolutely shameful that American Heroes like 1LT Clint Lorance, SGT Derrick Miller, and MAJ Matthew Golsteyn are unfairly charged with crimes for saving American lives in combat – while traitors like “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh, Bowe Bergdahl, and Bradley Manning walk free.

That’s why I’m calling on President Trump to end this nonsense and deliver justice to 1LT Clint Lorance, SGT Derrick Miller, MAJ Matt Golsteyn, and other wrongly accused Warriors immediately.

Will you join me?

Please follow this link right now to sign the WARRIOR PARDON PETITION.

awgf_lorance.png1LT Clint Lorance has spent nearly 6 years sitting in a prison cell at the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth for defending his men during battle. When a motorcycle carrying 3 riders began gunning for his platoon – a common tactic of the Taliban – he ordered his men to fire.

But instead of praising Clint for bringing his men back alive, the Army charged him with double murder and attempted murder and sentenced him to 20 years in prison. Worse, the prosecution withheld critical evidence from Clint’s defense team at trial that proves the men on the motorcycle were Taliban bomb makers.

awgf_miller.pngSGT Derrick Miller served eight years in prison at Fort Leavenworth for defending his Soldiers and himself against a Taliban scout who lunged for his weapon during an interrogation.

Less than an hour later, Derrick’s unit came under enemy fire. Because of Derrick’s actions, the unit was on full alert, and no American lives were lost. But that didn’t stop the Army from charging him with premeditated murder and sentencing him to life in prison. Though Derrick was released on parole earlier this week, he still has a wrongful murder conviction attached to his name.

awgf_golsteyn.pngMAJ Matt Golsteyn faces the death penalty for putting himself in mortal danger to protect his men and the Afghan civilians who were aiding them. He set up an ambush to intercept a Taliban bomb maker before he could rejoin his terrorist unit and launch another attack against U.S. forces.

Matt engaged and ultimately killed the terrorist. But nearly a decade later – after he was already cleared him of any wrongdoing – the Army charged Matt with premeditated murder. The case was just sent to court-martial last week – the military equivalent of a trial – and now Matt’s life hangs in the balance.

My friend, each of these Warriors did what he was trained to do – protect his own life and the lives of his men. Yet all three have been unjustly prosecuted and charged with heinous crimes.

It’s un-American and I won’t stand for it. Will you?

Together you and I have an unprecedented opportunity to call our Commander-in-Chief to action.

Sources close to President Trump indicate he’s already ordered the Department of Justice to get the paperwork ready to pardon several Warriors on Memorial Day. It’s up to you and me to make sure that 1LT Clint Lorance, SGT Derrick Miller, and MAJ Matthew Golsteyn are on the list.

So can I count on you to sign the WARRIOR PARDON PETITION right away?

As a combat veteran with 22 years of service, I can’t turn my back on these young Soldiers. And I hope you won’t either.

That’s why I’m honored to team up with a great non-profit organization called United American Patriots (UAP) on this project.

UAP is run by a fellow Desert Storm veteran, Marine Corps LtCol David “Bull” Gurfein, who knows just like I do that you can’t second-guess our young men for defending themselves – and their men – behind enemy lines.

In fact, UAP has already helped 37 Service Members clear their names or reduce their sentences – and they are currently supporting 22 Warriors, including Clint, Derrick, and Matt.

As a non-profit organization, UAP relies on the big hearts and generosity of patriotic Americans like you to provide legal defenses for wrongly accused Warriors.

My friend, I know firsthand that taking on the military justice system is not easy and it’s not cheap. That’s why I ask that you make a generous, tax-deductible donation of $30 after signing the WARRIOR PARDON PETITION.

That’s just $10 each for 1LT Clint Lorance, SGT Derrick Miller, and MAJ Matt Golsteyn.

Your generous support today will help us collect 300,000 signatures on this WARRIOR PARDON PETITION to send to President Trump by Saturday afternoon AND help UAP cover the cost of the legal defenses for all 22 Warriors.

No matter what you’re able to send to support UAP’s Warriors today, I’m counting on you to sign this WARRIOR PARDON PETITION right away.

The lives of American Heroes are hanging in the balance. And President Trump needs to hear from you directly.

Thank you in advance for standing with 1LT Clint Lorance, SGT Derrick Miller, MAJ Matt Golsteyn and so many other wrongly accused Warriors.

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC Allen B. WestLTC(R) Allen B. West

United American Patriots
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Defend our Defenders!

The UAP Warrior Fund has helped 37 service members clear their names or reduce their sentences by providing much needed legal assistance to Warriors who have been unjustly accused.

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