Story of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt’s prosecution by a partisan AG in California

By Debra Carey
The media and progressive left like to say that the Media is under attack. That first amendment rights must be protected (theirs) because conservatives say mean stuff about them and that constitutes an attack.
A very real and dangerous attack on the first amendment has taken place and the ‘Media’ (mainstream) ignores it.

One such case is the case of undercover journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt’s prosecution by a partisan AG in California who has accepted donations from Planned Parenthood and therefore should NOT be prosecuting any case having to do with PP, of these two for their taping of Planned Parenthood officials talking about selling aborted baby parts.

The crime they were supposed to have committed was invasion of privacy. If investigative journalists cannot go undercover and tape crimes being talked about or committed then how will any investigative reporting ever happen? How will crimes be exposed or uncovered? I know of no criminal who would freely speak of their crimes knowing they’re being taped. If anything, being taxpayer funded Planned Parenthood is open to being held accountable by those taxpayers of which these two as investigative journalists are as citizens.

The prosecution contends that deceptive editing occurred, yet the 5th Circuit Court said otherwise. The tapes were forensically examined two times, once by a organization paid by Planned Parenthood themselves, Fusion GPS. (Where have we seen that name before?) They found after viewing the complete set of tapes, that editing had been done but only for brevity’s sake, no pertinent material had been edited out. Only extraneous and irrelevant material was edited out. That is the basis for the 5th Circuit’s ruling.

YET these two are still being prosecuted for their investigative reporting.

The mainstream media is silent, they will not step out and defend these two journalists who were acting in good faith to expose criminal activity of an organization that accepts taxpayer monies.

So why is the media not defending or at least reporting on this first amendment case? Because they too are protecting Planned Parenthood.


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