UAP: VIDEO: Derrick’s release

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SGT Derrick Miller is a FREE MAN!

Before I board my plane back to DC, I want to make sure you saw the video of Derrick’s release.

Click to watch the video

It was an honor to be there with Derrick’s family, his attorney, and UAP Founder Major Donahue, and a local Leavenworth Women’s group who have been supporting Derrick and praying for his release for 8 years when Derrick stepped through the doors of Fort Leavenworth.

If you weren’t able to join us on Facebook Live this morning, you could watch Derrick’s release and his first moments of freedom here.

Thank you for your role in making today happen. Your financial support, prayers, and shares are the reason why this Warrior is on his way home right now.

I hope you take pride in this knowledge. And, more importantly, I hope you’ll continue to stand with UAP as we fight to clear Derrick’s name of the improper conviction.

In June, UAP will host a massive Welcome Home event for Derrick on Capitol Hill with our Nation’s Lawmakers.

And the moment he’s ready to pursue his next round of legal action, we’ll be prepared to spring into action.

I will keep you posted on both fronts when I know more details. In the meantime, please enjoy this special video footage.

Semper Fi,


David Bull Gurfein
LtCol, USMCR (Ret.)
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The UAP Warrior Fund has helped 37 service members clear their names or reduce their sentences by providing much needed legal assistance to Warriors who have been unjustly accused.

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