Facebook Defends Calls For Trump Assassination

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Platform suspends woman bringing attention to violent leftists calling for president’s murder

Facebook Defends Calls For Trump AssassinationSource: Jamie White | Infowars.com

A woman’s account has been suspended by Facebook for demanding the platform ban users calling for President Trump’s assassination.

“Do any of you remember a day when talking about assassinating the President resulted in getting arrested?” Marjorie Greene wrote Sunday, who included a screenshot of users calling for Trump’s murder.

Rather than delete or address the individuals inciting violence against the president, Facebook issued a 3-day suspension notice to Greene after she brought attention to the left’s incitements of violence.

Without elaborating, Facebook’s notice said Greene violated its community standards and therefore will be blocked for 3 days, and that she’d be locked out for a week if she continued.

No action has been taken against these individuals who actually have violated Facebook’s community guidelines.

“They say impeach Trump, I say assassinate Trump,”…

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