Rebel dot Media: ANTIFA and the mainstream media LIED about Rebel reporter “harassing” female “journalist”

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We don’t address every malicious plot against us here at The Rebel — if we did, we’d never get any work done — but occasionally, the lies get so big that we have to tell our side of the story.

Here’s what happened: Keean Bexte, my Rebel colleague, was recently in Winnipeg at the same time as the notorious anti-Semite and Women’s March organizer, Linda Sarsour.

Keean went to the protest against her, which was organized by the Jewish community, to hear and report their concerns — but before Keean even landed in Winnipeg, Antifa were already planning to assault him.

Then, in a peculiar twist of fate, a left-wing activist and journalist called Emily Leedham tweeted that Keean had “cornered” her with “other local men” to provoke an “inflammatory” response.

And that was it — the mainstream media was hooked — CBC, Global News and the Ottawa Citizen all piled in to condemn Keean.

Leedham’s Twitter video of Keean now has roughly 200,000 views on Twitter! But her video showed just a snippet of a broader incident that required more context. Here, watch my report as I show you the full, unedited video of this incident:

The evidence is clear. Keean was not the bully.

And yet the mainstream media pushed the hoax.

By refusing to acknowledge their role in spreading this lie and by not admitting to their mistake, they have actively encouraged the radical left and their targeting of Rebel staff.

After all, almost every Rebel reporter has been assaulted on the job!

So, let’s call this what it is: left-wing aggression and intimidation.

Yours truly,

Sheila Gunn Reid.

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