Marjorie Taylor Green: My trip to DC on Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws

By Marjorie Taylor Green

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How the Second Amendment Dies..

In this weeks edition of the American Letters, I want to tell you all about my trip to Washington DC. I traveled to DC because of my great concern for the gun control legislation that is being considered in the Senate. I know most of you are thinking, why worry about gun control laws being passed in the Senate? After all the Senate is controlled by Republicans and Republicans won’t pass gun control bills. Well, I would love to agree and share your sentiment, however, we do have a lot to worry about, and that is why I spent my own money and took the time to go.

Let me explain.

First of all, we all know that the Democrats want to put strict gun control laws in place severely limiting our Second Amendment rights. They have established the House Task Force on Gun Violence which is being led by Democrat Rep Mike Thompson from California. Yet this effort for strict gun control is not new and is not going away. It was revealed in the John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, emails leaked by Wikileaks that Hillary’s goal was to bring strict gun control to America by executive orders. We also can remember Nancy Pelosi’s threatening words to President Trump when he declared a national emergency for border security, that the next Democrat president could declare a national emergency to take away guns after the next mass shooting. Again you are trying to tell me, but those are Democrats.

Well let me tell you about Republicans.

Being a gun owner and proud supporter of our Second Amendment right to bear arms, I follow gun legislation closely. It was after last years, deadly Parkland shooting that killed 17 innocent people, we started hearing our elected Republicans tone start to change and begin to lean left in regards to gun control legislation. You see they are under a great deal of pressure that I did not understand until I witnessed it for myself these past few days.

Before Democrat Joe Biden, pushed into law schools being gun free zones, there were virtually no school shootings. That was because school principals, teachers, and even students had guns at school. This combined armed ability kept schools safe because any threat could be stopped immediately without waiting on police to arrive. Remember the most effective way to stop a bad guy with a gun is by a good guy with a gun. However, that important freedom changed when our Federal government stole that great form of protection away from our schools and our children. Gun Free Zones in schools was the true beginning to the stealthy attack on our Second Amendment right.

The most effective way to bend a person’s will is to kill their children. God showed us that by killing Pharaoh’s first born son in Egypt to force Pharaoh’s hardened heart to free his slaves who were God’s chosen people. This is what we have been seeing systematically happen overtime in our country. This is why we are seeing Republican leaders soften to gun control legislation.

Their hand is being forced by every school shooting, but it is not just the blood stains in the halls of education, it is the organized and very well funded force that fight for strict gun control on the pile of dead students and teachers.

“Our Republican elected Congress men and women know that they must protect the Second Amendment if they want us to continue electing them,” you cry out, “this is the will of the American people!”

Well, my friend, I agree with you completely. However, guess what? Our elected Republican Congress men and women do not hear your deafening cries. Not even a whisper. After seeing the gun control machine in action, I finally understand why.

The difficult truth is we do not show up. It is our own fault. When our elected Republicans finally cave in and bend to the will of the likes of David Hogg, Michael Bloomberg, Linda Sarsour, and George Soros, we can only blame ourselves. Do you want to know why?

You can not win the war if you don’t show up for the battle.

As I went hard charging into the halls of the Senate buildings on Monday to boldly tell our Senators not to pass Sen Bill 7 sponsored by Republican Senator Marco Rubio that would incentivize states with $100 million dollars in 5 year grants to pass Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws, I found myself outnumbered in a way I could have never imagined. As a matter of fact, I was the only one that showed up to the battle! I had a few friends that thankfully came along only because I had told them all about the bill, which they knew little about until I informed them. If I had not rallied a few troops with a big push of information and phone calls then I would have been completely alone in the Senate gun control bill battle without my friends who live locally in DC that came along (6 friends on Monday and only 2 on Tuesday).

Imagine going into warfare against a trained organized massive army, and you are the only one that showed up to the fight.

Here is what happened.

I had spent a few weeks calling Senators offices and sending emails to try to set up appointments so that I could explain my concerns and ask them to vote NO to Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws and gun control laws period. By Monday morning, I had only one appointment with Congressman Scalise’s office with a member of his staff, and Rep Scalise is not even a Senator and I only had one appointment with Senator Purdue’s (from my home state of Georgia) staffer on Tuesday. Even my own Senator from my district did not return my calls or emails and that was Senator Isakson. To my astonishment, I could not understand why my elected Congress men and women would not even entertain a small visit with me, even though I am an American business owner, tax payer, and voter.

Well, I found out why first hand on Monday.

When I witnessed the majorly funded groups of gun control law advocates viciously attacking Senate office after Senate office, it all became clear. These groups were an incredible well oiled machine. They were organized in small groups of 3-10 people. Each group had a leader, or a better term would be handler, that took them to office after office in which much of the time they had appointments. At each office they would stop outside before going in and the leader would brief them all on the talking points, telling each one what to say and even handing them information to give out. They were like units of soldiers taking their orders before the attack.

They were dressed in t-shirts representing their gun control groups.

March For Our Lives – blue shirts

Moms Demand Action – red shirts
Lives Above Profits – white shirts
Everytown Gun USA – red shirts
Women’s March – blue or pink shirts
They were mostly white liberal woman with the younger group being with David Hogg. The kids from March For Our Lives were brainwashed by their handlers and the ones who were given the most guidance and directions on what to say. Obviously, this is because the teenagers are the ones who are most effective in front of the Senators when they are telling them that guns are scary and they are afraid. This is when I ran into David Hogg and his group of all girl teenage and young adult girls.

David Hogg was being led around by several handlers to Senator’s offices. He had an all girl group with him. The Hogg group of March For Our Lives teenagers/young adults had the most attention. They had a full gaggle of press following, filming, and photographing their every move. They had over 30 appointments with Senators is what were told.

This is where I want to remind you that on Monday, I had only 6 other Patriotic Americans with me and virtually no appointments with Senators and ZERO press coverage to get our voices out that is backed by the millions and millions of gun owners in America! Yet the left wing funded gun control socialist groups had all the attention and the power!

confronted David Hogg and when I asked him questions and told him facts he hid behind his all teenage girl gang and turned and marched through the hallway chanting, “Enough is Enough!” One of the girls even turned back and aggressively yelled in my face, “Enough is Enough!” I continued to confront David Hogg all the way to his next Senate office visit, all the while the press only covered the bought and paid for group of young adults that are being used to take away our gun rights. The truth was revealed. David Hogg had nothing to say back because there is no excuse for taking away guns other than it is an agenda of the left to take the power away from the American people. The truth was also revealed David Hogg is afraid and had to hide behind and be protected by girls. The sad and disgusting reality of the beta males on the left.

Here is the longer Facebook live video with the first David Hogg confrontation where he hid behind the girls. You can view it at the 1 hour and 21 minute mark.
Here is the short video when I confronted David Hogg that second time and he ran away again.
Perhaps the bigger truth is that David Hogg had no need to answer my questions because I was not threat to his agenda since I was virtually alone.

Through out the day I took my group from office to office to tell Senators please do not pass any Red Gun Flag Confiscation Bills or Gun Control Bills. These laws violate due process, and punish people by taking away their guns before they are every found guilty. These laws are also very dangerous for our veterans because PTSD can be used as a reason to remove their guns. I explained over and over that the Second is the greatest gift we have as Americans and it shall not be infringed. However, most of the time, I was only being heard by the receptionist and a few interns in the front of their offices. Some of the time, I was live filming on my Facebook page so that I could show people what was happening, only to be told that they don’t allow live filming in the office. I replied every time, “Well as a tax payer and owner of this building and since I pay your salary, I DO ALLOW live filming here.”

I have never felt so discouraged and concerned for my country.

Do you want to know why?

The only view point that our elected Senators were seeing and hearing from were those from the radical hard left, who are funded by a few billionaires to achieve the total destruction of America as we know it. When we don’t show up, we can not defeat the tiny minority of complete idiots who want to throw away our great freedoms that so many fought and died for. So how can I blame these Republican Senators like Lindsay Graham and Senator Ted Cruz who are softening to gun control? They have no idea what we want because we are the silent majority.

And that is just it. We are silent. Complacent. Too busy. And many more excuses.

Which is exactly why we could lose it all.

Where was the NRA? Where was Dana Loesch? Why didn’t she have groups going office to office? Why didn’t the NRA organize groups? Many would have gone if they had only known!

Here is what the NRA’s official statement was;

“We need to stop dangerous people before they act,” says Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. “So Congress should provide funding to states to adopt risk protection orders.”

The NRA backs these Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws. Yet studies show that these laws do nothing to prevent suicide or murder, and even in some cases may increase rape statistics. These laws do nothing but punish law abiding gun owners, and put the police against citizens by forcing gun removal. The real focus should be on criminals who have guns.

Waiting outside the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting where they were discussing the bill to incentivize states to pass these laws, along with two friends, I was the only Pro Second Amendment person in the hallway of organized funded left wing groups. Yet I finally had some success!

As the hearing ended I saw Senator Lindsay Graham come out and get swarmed by press and followed by protestors. I hurried up slid right up beside him and began walking down the hall with him while he was being interviewed by CNN. Then, I took the only opportunity I had as just a regular American. I interrupted that interview and asked him about due process. You can see the video here.

I explained I was a business owner and a gun owner. I quickly explained I was against Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws and that I knew he was for them. Then I asked him if he would not pass a bill that violated due process. Sen Graham said, “There won’t be a bill without that. I promise there will not.”

I have that statement recorded on video on my cell phone. I plan to hold Sen Graham to that promise he made me. That he will not pass a bill that violates due process.

In this country, we have the right to a fair trial before we are found guilty. That is an important freedom I intend to defend.

This was a small win among what felt like a losing battle where I was overwhelmingly outnumbered. But I am not giving up! I plan to go back. I learned a lot and watched carefully how the left operates with much success. I fully intend on doing the same thing only better.

When I go back, I will ask many of you to join me! See this past week all they saw was one little 5’2 woman, but they have no idea the giant behind me.

I just have to wake that giant up!

Action items:

1. Call and email Senator Lindsey Graham’s office here. Tell him we DO NOT want Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws!! Tell him DO NOT PASS Senate bill 7 sponsored by Senator Marco Rubio.

2. Call and email Senator Mitch McConnell’s office here. Tell him we DO NOT want Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws!! Tell him DO NOT bring Senate bill 7 sponsored by Senator Marco Rubio to the floor for a vote. If we can block it from even going to the floor then it can not be voted on to pass.

3. Sign this important petition that will be hand delivered to President Trump asking him to VETO Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws! You can sign this and you do not have to join or donate for your signature to count. We need as many signatures as we can get to show President Trump what real Americans want! Not what radical left funded anti-second amendment groups want!

Thanks for your help everyone!! This is how we make a difference!

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