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Before you say, “America doesn’t need to be fixed” or give some canned dismissive declaration I ask that you hear me.  You may not believe the basis of my declaration and plea, but I hope you will agree with the objective.  I believe that most, if not all, who read what I write love America and want to see this Republic once again be the Republic established by our Founding Fathers and achieve that condition.  I believe that most of us, and hope that all of us, want to see the America envisioned by our Framers, Founders, and generations before us, “One nation under God, united, and where all men are able to pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness freely.”

I am a Christian, a preacher, a patriot, a Vietnam veteran, a Conservative. an Original Intent Constitutionalist, a husband, father, and grandfather.  I am a lover of Freedom and out of…

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